How do you use feelings of Jealousy to inform how you think about your accomplishments or aspirations?

Have you ever felt jealous when you hear colleagues describing work that they’re doing, or when they post an idea on Linkedin that you wish you had thought of? (ironic smile)

I have. Sometimes I feel jealous when I see an offer of a program that I wish I had offered. Sometimes I marvel at people’s fearless sharing of a story or a marketing approach which seems to demonstrate a courage (that they have) that I may not have accessed yet. 🙂

I have come to realize that feelings of jealousy are data about something that I want to be doing or something that I wish I allowed myself to do. It helps me identify what’s important to me and where I might be limiting myself. 

Jealousy provides us valuable data, if I/we choose to use it.

It’s a frame that comes in handy when I’m coaching, when I ask people what’s the gift in jealousy. We often think of it as negative, when in fact we can turn it into something positive, i.e. What are those feelings telling you about what you want for yourself?

If this resonates with you and you’d like to explore what’s behind door number 2/ Jealousy, ping me so we can set up a conversation.

#personaldevelopment #coaching #aspirations

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