Team Coaching

  • Teams have a collective mindset as well as individual mindsets.  Team members come to conversations with their own way of problem solving, and often with unvoiced assumptions. Collectively, people may get stuck in Groupthink, unable to see how to generate break-through thinking and innovation.
  • Teams often benefit from a neutral party who can observe the interaction and raise the group members’ awareness of their dynamics – to help them improve their problem-solving and decision making, and achieve their goals.   
  • Abby sometimes uses the Team Emotional Intelligence assessment, to help teams work more productively together.  Spend less time spinning in circles and free up the team’s energy to get the work done.

Abby has led very deep and thoughtful team facilitation with the Senior Leadership Team. I am thrilled with Abby’s support, insights, and impact.  What’s so unusual about Abby is her ability to quickly get to the root of an organizational issue and help teams communicate and problem solve. We are building new communication and decision making systems, thanks to Abby’s support, and it’s helping a lot. 

M. Dimond, CEO, Wellspring House, Inc.

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