Skillful Facilitation helps leaders, directors and teams to clarify their vision and translate that vision into reality. Abby Yanow is recognized for excellence in facilitation, executive and team coaching and organizational consulting. She works with teams and organizations to harness their collective knowledge in order to generate innovative and sustainable solutions. 

Abby will help you and your team create a space of Psychological Safety, work more productively and stay focused on the outcome.  Contact Abby to help you get your team aligned, engage your staff and achieve greater impact.

Abby’s facilitation skills are extraordinary and help create a meeting that is engaging and productive. She has the ability to synthesize information in real time and pull out the important ideas. Equally impressive is her ability to read the room and move things along or give extra time to a topic as needed.  She creates an atmosphere that feels comfortable to participate in and she gently encourages the people who aren’t sharing – with great results! She was a fantastic help to our group!

Mary Cookson, Trustee Committee, Waring School

I’m happy to make a recommendation — particularly under the category of unflappability in assessing and redirecting unexpected challenges, hostility, dilemmas within groups. I guess that means you’re an unflappable facilitator!  

Program Director, Obesity Prevention & Control Program

The board retreat was very successful, and you were very helpful; we couldn’t have done it without a facilitator and you were instrumental in our success. Thank you for guidance, leading the board through difficult discussions that we haven’t had. 

Anne Gulati, Chair of the Board, Mass. Association of School Board Officials.

Let’s talk about what’s keeping you up at night.  Call 617-625-0211 or Email:  abby at skillfulfacilitation.com

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