Groups have wisdom and a capacity for inspired thinking that can help them solve problems. My role is to engage people in meaningful conversations that enable them to harness their collective wisdom in order to make better decisions.

Do you struggle with any of these in your meetings? 

  • Do you have a clear agenda with desired outcomes for each agenda item?
  • Do people leave your meetings feeling confused about the decisions that were made?
  • Do people get stuck in the weeds in your meeting, when they need to be looking at the big picture?
  • Are you getting the benefit of diverse perspectives in your meetings, or does your group tend to manifest Groupthink?

It doesn’t have to be this way.​

Abby has a successful approach to help you and your team work more productively, stay focused on the outcome, share assumptions and agree on the decision making process, so that you’re not second-guessing previously-established decisions.

What People Say

Abby did an outstanding job in facilitating a Visioning session for our leadership team.  She  prepared well and managed the flow of ideas throughout the day. In particular, Abby was adept at bringing the day to closure.

Director, Hult International Business School

I wanted to say thank you again for your facilitation yesterday. We accomplished more than I have ever seen us in my time in the group.  

Director of Family Planning, Cambridge Health Alliance.

Let me also take this opportunity to tell you what a superb job you did facilitating the meeting – so well thought out and organized, clear agenda and great closure for both Boston Medical Center directors and consultants. 

K. Manion, MD

Let’s build something together.