“Working with you helped me negotiate a new function in my organization.”

If you’re a mid-career professional trying to land a new job or to move up the career ladder, what are your metrics of success?  Is “landing that job” the only metric?  What other metrics might there be?  What can you learn from the process aside from landing the job?

I’ve been coaching a few mid-career professionals who are trying to land a new job.  They have good, solid managerial experience.  Their metric of success is “landing a job” or “landing that one specific job that I’m well-qualified for”.  When they didn’t get that job, or those 2-3 jobs, they were disappointed, as any of us would be.  What a few clients found, however, were unexpected benefits from the coaching process, in service of job searching.

One director who had been very successful in her role in a health care system applied for a job that she was well-qualified for.  She even knew the people in the new organization.  We talked about how she presented herself, for example: rather than apologizing for experience that she didn’t have, talking up the great experience that she did have and how she could bring value to the organization.   As she considered changing her mindset to “they’ll be lucky to have me”, I noticed her sit up straighter.  We also talked about not taking things personally, because there are so many factors that go into hiring decisions that we may not know about.  Lastly, we generated a strategy for pro-actively navigating the situation with her boss, who was likely to find out about her application.

She didn’t get that job.

She found out that it went to an internal employee – so, no need to take it personally.  Here’s the kicker:  After that, she went to her boss to discuss her current role.  Here’s what she reported:   Working with you helped me negotiate a new function in my organization. I was more confident and assertive than I have been when working with the CEO and HR.


If you’re looking for a new job or new role, what beliefs or behaviors could you improve during that process, that might generate an unexpected outcome?  Are there any other doors that open when the hoped-for door closes?

How can I help you in your career or professional development process?  Contact me for a free 20-minute coaching session.  abby at skillfulfacilitation.com

image credit: Nattavut

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